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Life is a maze.

Mazes are human creations made to challenge our most basic skills: the ability to create a cognitive map of our environment and to be able to navigate this cognitive map.

Now, connecting the concept of a maze and life itself…life is complicated. Life is not a straight line in which we depart at point A and arrive at point B. Life is trial and error, and here are some correlations I have made with mazes and with life:

  1. Wrong turns that lead to dead ends. These actions are frustrating in both mazes and in life. But to be honest, how are we supposed to know the right turns unless we discover the wrong turns? Wrong turns equate to failures in real life. And to be frank, I learn heck of a lot more from my mistakes than from my successes. Failures are not really failures if you are able to learn from it and become a better person than before.
  2. Lost time. Ever spend a whole day at home doing absolutely nothing productive and still feel groggy? I have. Time is a precious, intangible concept that we should all value. While it is nice to not do anything (and by all means we do need some of these days!), doing something of value is much more healthy for us. Just like how in mazes, you do not want to just stand still. Movement (forward or backwards) is trying. We humans derive happiness from little accomplishments. So I challenge you to have a small to-do list everyday of things you want to be productive at. Whether that’d be a nice outdoor run, getting groceries, organizing your drawers, or finally working on that art project you ignored for weeks…do something.
  3. Be patient. Yes, you may take 14 wrong turns before making the first right turn. Or you may attack tasks head-on with very little thought process, which ends up with you being exhausted with no success made. What I always say is, “slow and steady wins the race”. Remember the old fable about the tortoise and the hare? How the hare knew for a fact he would win so he underestimated the tortoise and lost sight of the race. Meanwhile, the tortoise, at a very slow pace, perservered and ended up winning the race. We should all aspire to be like the tortoise. Be thoughtful, precise, and never lose sight of your purpose/goal/aspiration.

– J

via Daily Prompt: Maze