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I never really did like pink.

I always thought the color was too generic for girls. It was also a very artificial color I thought. I loved being outdoors since I was a young girl, and therefore I was always more of a blue/green person since these colors were abundant in nature.

To me, when I was younger, the color pink reminded me of:

  1. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape. Not the gum, but the gum that was made into a tape-like roll, in which you can ‘cut’ off the desired length of gum you wanted. I remember always asking my mom to buy me more bubble gum from the liquor store because I loved the fact that I could now play with my candy (by blowing bubbles).
  2. Pepto Bismol. I had the occasional indigestions, and I remember being fed a spoonful of this by my mother. I thought pepto bismol was magic because it always cured my indigestions. Not going to lie, but once, I remember taking pepto bismol even though I was not sick, but because I ended up liking the taste of it.
  3. Barbies. I was such a tomboy when growing up, but one thing I did like that fit the ‘girly’ category was barbies. I just liked the fact that I could customize each barbie doll with different clothes and also make up stories for them.
  4. My sister. She is my polar opposite. Yet some of my best memories include her in it. She is the total opposite of me, so, not to my surprise, her favorite color was pink. When growing up, we were possessive of colors. My sister got everything in pink and I got everything in green or blue. This color coordination made our possessions very easy to distinguish.

What pink means to me now:

  1. Flowers! I love nature and especially the flowers that are bloomed in the spring. Some of my favorite flowers are pink: peonies, lotuses, cherry blossoms…
  2. PINK by Victoria’s Secret. They have the comfiest and cutest garment wear.
  3. Valentine’s Day. I do not have a significant other, nor have I ever, but the color pink is pretty much synonymous with Valentine’s Day.
  4. Lipstick. Pink is such a feminine and sweet color. Pink lipstick is a must-have for all girls.

– J

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