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So today’s daily post is revolved around the theme “Pursue“.

So I pondered a bit, and realized that I don’t have a definitive end-goal that I am pursuing.

If you’ve read my past post “Lifestyle(s)” (if not that’s totally fine), I mentioned that I am a cadet of one of five service academies in the U.S. Many people often perceive cadets as young mature adults who have a clear-cut, envisioned plan for their future. Some do, definitely. But most, including me, are just in it for the ride and doing the best we can with what we are currently tasked with.

Therefore, I am pursuing to be the best at what I am currently doing. Being both a student and a military member. I want to strive in my academic studies and eventually go to graduate school.

School is and has always been familiar to me. Sure, I despise the late nights where I stay up studying for exams or writing up laboratory reports, but these times remind me of my civilian life in high school. And most of my accomplishments in life came from my achievements in school, be it good exam grades, good papers, good reports, etc. etc.

I am also pursuing to be the best leader possible. I always thought leading was easy because you just told people to do this and that. But I learned that that is not leadership. That’s management. Leadership is not only being able to tell people what to do, but is more of influencing and inspiring. True leaders gain the respect of followers through hard work ethic, compassion, knowledge, and confidence.

– J

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