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None. Meaning ‘not any’ or ‘not one’. I realize that I actually use this word more in idioms rather than by itself.

Second to None – to be better than anything or anyone.

  • I use this idiom more in terms of saying phrases like “this food is second to none!”. But this idiom can definitely be applied in terms of people. Rather than striving for being second to none, I think we should first try to be the best version of ourselves. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, let’s strive to be the better person than we were yesterday, last week, last month, last year.

None of your beeswax – none of your business.

  • I have not heard this one in a while but this idiom was quite frequent in my household before I departed off to college. Me: Mom, what were Dad and you talking about? Mom: Jess, it’s none of your beeswax.

None the wiser – not knowing any more in spite of events or exposure to facts.

  • I am pretty sure we have all experienced this before in high school / college (unless if you’re an absolute genius). For instance, I once sat in on a Black Holes lecture from a teacher on campus. Did I know what black holes were? On basic terms. Was I much more well versed in black holes after the lecture? Not really.

None of the above – not one of the possibilities mentioned above.

  • This idiom is much more seen on paper rather than heard in conversation. This multiple choice answer is one that I, along with many of you, almost always believe this choice cannot be the right choice. Unfortunately, some professors enjoy this choice (i’m talking to you Dr. M!).

Jack/Jill of all trades is master of none – a man/woman who is able to do a lot of things fairly well but does not have time to learn one thing extremely well.

  • I am definitely a Jill of all trades. I have always sort of floated into different interests growing up (sports, drawing, writing, cooking, photography), but I am not stellar at any of these. But I don’t think you have to be great at something to love it. For instance, I’m a novice cook but that does not stop me from looking at recipes/videos online and wanting to get better at it.

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